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or maybe your brandingprospectus designphotographymobile apps virtual learning environment aren't up to scratch?

We are a team that includes chic geeks, passionate parents & an office full of over-aged kids that want to make a difference to your school

Who are Schools Cool?

At Schools Cool we're here to make your school, look cool. Schools Cool are an award winning digital web design and development agency based in Cheshire. Schools Cool are extremely passionate about what we do. With our experienced team of marketers, school website designers and website developers, we produce unique design and solutions within the education sector.

Schools Cool specialise in providing a full range of online and offline branding solutions for Pre-School, Primary, Secondary schools and academies throughout the UK.

We can take your branding from logo concept, through to website design and build, marketing, prospectus , brochures, apps & much, much more.