Does Anyone Read Your School Newsletter?

Newsletters are a great way to get information out to your parents and keep them updated on what’s happening in school. Newsletters have become a staple to school as it’s a great way to broadcast achievements, upcoming holidays, school events and comments from teachers and head teachers. They are a great way to communicate with parents however they are time consuming – writing, collecting stories, printing and distributing.

Some schools are still producing paper copies of their newsletters but some are introducing digital copies. A digital platform still doesn’t guarantee that your messages are reaching your audience.

Change your newsletter to a blog

Putting a newsletter together is very time consuming and staff are busy with everything else so it’s another task that they don’t want to do. Many schools nowadays are switching to an online blog. This is something that can be updated regularly without the worry of needing to fill in a specific amount of space. Schools will be able to upload short and long articles depending on the information that they wish to share. Plus, it helps share new school news straight away unlike a term newsletter where the stories can be four/five weeks old by the time it reaches the parents.

Use a School App to Send Notifications

This still doesn’t guarantee that everyone will be reading your posts however will increase the number of people do. Parents who are interested in their child’s school are very likely to read the latest news.

If your school has their own app, the parents will be able to download it to their smartphones or tablets and will work in the same way that many popular apps do nowadays. Parents will receive push notification once a new blog has been uploaded which will take them straight to the post.

Plus, a school app can be designed so you can send out specific information to certain parents. For example, a push notification can be sent out to all Year 5 pupils who have an upcoming school trip as a reminder of the trip and items for the day. This information won’t be relevant for parents with pupils in other years.

Parents overall love a school app because they have access to the school through one click, they will receive the relevant notifications straight to their device rather than searching for it on the school website or phoning up the admin office. Not only will a school app enhance your newsletter but all types of engagement with staff, parents and pupils.