5 Fun Learn How To Code Apps

As parents and schools think about preparing children for the jobs of the future, coding comes up as an essential skill. In the future, there is going to be a large portion of jobs in the technology sector: web design, app development, gaming and software creation and much more.

Teachers are using these apps to help encourage all students to try coding through a more fun and creative way. To stay on track with your curriculum, teachers can incorporate coding exercises into subjects. Here are five of the best app for teachers to help teach students to code.

Apps to help learn how to code:

Tynker – Ages 6+

Tynker is ‘everything your child need to become a Minecraft modder, digital storyteller, or game designer.’ This app uses code blocks to create programs and lets students write interactive stories, customise characters and build complicated role-playing games.

There is also a teacher edition which includes planning tools and training videos to help support students and teaching.

MIT App Inventor – Ages 8+

MIT App Inventor also uses visual blocks to teach coding concepts and processes. The app allows students to create a simple app within an hour but there is options to build larger programs.

For teaching support, App Inventor has a forum room for teachers and students ask for help, teacher tools and project ideas.

Encode – Ages 10+

Encode is an Android only app that lets student to take their coding lessons wherever they go as they learn online and offline. Encode focuses solely on JavaScript which allows students to write web-enabled apps, user-focused web pages and games.

Codecademy – Ages 11+

Codecamdy offer a solid curriculum for computer science with lesson plans, student tracking tools and teacher training. Students will learn about HTM, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and Ruby along with lessons on how to build an interactive website.

GoLearningBus Professionals – Ages 13 +

The GoLearningBus app helps students learn about Ruby on Rails, HTML5, Java, PHP, C, C++, COBOL, SQL and more – offering a wide range of programming in one place. These are the skills that they need to pursue a career in computer science.

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