£500,000 Government Funding for School Holiday Lunches And Fun Clubs

The Welsh education secretary has said that there will be funding of £500,000 towards summer holidays school lunch and fun clubs.

The money will be offered to councils in the most deprived part of Wales to help provide play schemes and meals over the long break.

There will be elements of education in the clubs and Welsh universities will also be in involved. Currently, five local authorities in Wales already run similar schemes and the Welsh Government said councils would be able to access funding for new ventures in the 2017-2018 financial year.

Children who benefit from free school breakfasts and lunches often miss meals and go hungry once their school closes for the holidays, while the lack of free play schemes and sports activities can have an impact on those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds according to Welsh Democrat AM.

This funding will offer a positive environment for all children during the summer holidays.

Hopefully once the scheme has been a success in Wales, this will be implemented across the whole of the UK.

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