How to make the most of your school website designers

Working with a specialist school website designer can make a huge difference to any school, from re-designing and your school website to a fresh new look to your school’s folders and brochures.

Schools Cool are specialist school website designers who have been producing OFSTED praised websites for schools of all sizes and criteria. We are more than happy to help with any requirements and these are our top tips for getting the most out of your school website designers.

Open line of communication

Most schools get in contact with a website designers because they have the resources to produce the website that you are picturing. However, sometimes they don’t always get it spot on. So, if you aren’t happy with part of your service or have a question about a particular element, just ask! There is no harm in asking and communication is vital to ensuring your school’s needs are met.

Have an open mind

Many schools may have a certain look in their head for how their school’s website will look. Even though it may look great, it may have some negative impacts for parents and students. They may make suggestions like what features to include like a school calendar or blog and how to make the website easier to access for parents and students.

A school website design company will want to make sure your website reaches its full potential and make it an online community for teachers, parents and students. Their suggestions can help improve the overall look and user ability experience.

Create a clear brief

Together you should work on a clear brief - creating goals for your project. This will help everyone work towards one aim and support your school’s vision. Also for future reference, you all have a brief to look back on.

Keep in touch – even when the project is over

If you and your website designers have a good relationship, keep in touch with each other. Your school designers may be able to offer your discounts on upgrades and new designs for your website once it’s becomes outdated. They may have new features and software to add to your website.

Sometimes website designers, like Schools Cool, offer other products and service such as school mobile app, virtual learning environments and school prospectus, print and design. Therefore, they may be able to help in other areas as well. Get in touch with us today, to find out how we can help. We’re an award winning agency who with a track record of excellent customer reviews.