School Mobile Apps – Bringing the Community Together

School mobile apps are a great way to communicate between students, parents and teachers. It’s a popular choice with today’s leading educators as it’s encouraging interaction on many different levels and getting your whole community involved in school life.

Improved School Home Communication

It’s true that we now spend twice as long online with our smartphones than we do on laptops. This is reflecting how people work and the way that they communicate and stayed connected. Your website is still a great way of communicating information to your audience, however can be time consuming with logging in and harder navigation as it has all the information about the school.

A school mobile app can be adapted and changed to only contain the key information for the parents or students. It can contain everything that they need, no more no less. It can also have push notification so the user can be sent notification relevant to them straight to their phones. They will never miss out on everything again.  

Powerful and Instant

Mobile apps are a very powerful tool that more and more schools prefer. It’s minimising the amount of printing and office paperwork which in the long run will be saving school costs. Plus, it easy for parents and student to access, quick and simple for schools to manage and send up to date content to the users.

Improving your User Experience

Seamlessly integrating your existing school website to a purpose designed school app that keeps everyone in the loop 24/7 will be an easy job for a team of experienced developers. It’s a highly convenient and secure platform which will improve communication for all parties.

If you’re looking for a school mobile app to build and improve communications, we will be able to help. As we are an award-winning web agency who design and develop school mobile apps. Plus, if you’re looking for a new website as well as a new app, we are a specialist school website designers. Get in touch with us through our contact form or come and visit our office – you’re more than welcome and our kettle is always hot!