The Benefits of a School App

You may already have a school website live however have you thought about a school app? A school app can be very useful for all parties from improving communication to fun interactive learning tools for students.

What features can a school app have?

There several features that a school app can have. At Schools Cool we can make you an unique branded school app with the following features:

  • Push Messaging – Teachers will be able to send messages directly to app users to notify them of important announcements and news. The messages can be sent to everyone or to certain recipients without the costs associated with text messages.
  • Push Notification – Any updates to the app, parents and students can receive a notification. So if a new blog has been uploaded or a new event added to the calendar, people can be alerted. Plus, vice versa teachers can receive notifications from parents and students.
  • Arrange Appointments – Teachers and parents can arrange appointments through the app. This can save time as they don’t need to contact them directly and notifications can be sent to remind teachers and parents.
  • Calendar – Teachers, parents and students will be able to have access to a calendar where they can see information about upcoming school events, clubs, exams etc. This feature can also easily be updated by teachers so everyone is kept up to date.
  • Parents can send consent forms – Parents will be able to send consent forms, holiday requests and sick notes through the app. They won’t need to send a physical note and won’t need to worry about if their child has handed the forms in.

Soon, we will be able to incorporate more features into the school app. We are working on a way for parents to make mobile payments for school trips or meals through the app.

Another great point about apps, you can link to other apps which can help with students learning. You can find great learning tools or educational games to share with students which they can access through their smart phones or tablets.

Why should you have a school app?

You may not think that a school app is as important as your school website, however there is many advantages of one:

  • Many people like to use them as they are simple and easy
  • Parents and teachers are familiar with how they work
  • It can improve communication in the school community
  • Instant reminders and alerts to teachers, parents and students

Now you have read the benefits of a school app, are you thinking about having one for your school? We will more than happy to discuss your requirements further and help you design your app. As well as a school app, we can happy with you a school website, school print and branding and school VLE.

Get in touch with us today through our contact form or phone call to see how our team of expert school website designers can help.