Top tips for a perfect school website

If you are a school looking to impress parents, teachers and students with your online presence, we’ve put together some top tips to achieve a sophisticated and engaging school website. We’re a team of school website designers who want to help you make the best website for your school community.

  1. Make your website easy to read and consistent with your school’s branding
  2. Boast about your talent students and their achievements with pictures, videos and blog articles. This is a good way to show off your school to parents.
  3. Have a calendar that shows all big events that are upcoming (sports day, parents evening, school plays etc) as well as school terms and holidays
  4. Include a database with all staff working at your school for effective parent communication and relationship building
  5. Teachers should be able to upload updates about their classroom and assignments. They should have access to upload content to the school website to keep parents and students updated.
  6. An online store on your website so the school can sell recommended text books, resources, tickets to school events and uniform. We have developed a safe and secure school e-commerce shop where parents can purchase items from the school through a secure environment.

Schools cool are a website design company who develop school websites to improve your school’s online presence. We have recently developed some great new features for our school website from content and sidebar builder, venue booking systems and online learning and rewards student platforms. To find out what else is new or how we can help your school website, get in touch with our friendly team today. We’ll be more than happy to help.