We have some great new features for your school website!

At Schools Cool, we never stop generating new ideas and building new features for your website. We want to make your school website a great online platform for students, parents and teachers. Our team of school website designers have some great new features that will give you more freedom to change and create a website that reflects your school’s personality.

What’s new from Schools Cool?

Content and Sidebar Builders

The new builders will allow you to adapt and change your website using “blocks”. The content builder block types available are: Content block with Media, FAQ block, Map Block, Media Gallery and much more. While the Side Bar Blocks available are: Popular Blog Post lists, Call To Actions, Address Block, Page Lists and much more! 

Event Booking System

You can use this system for events and after schools. So, if you have a parent’s evening coming up or have a range of after school clubs running each day, you can be organised through our event booking system. You will be able to see who’s attending, allocate time slots to certain people and much more.

We are also registering interest for our venue booking software. This software allows you to rent out your space to the public to earn money. So, if you have a sport hall or a swimming pool to rent out each evening or weekend, our software can make it easier for you.

School eCommerce Shop

This feature allows parents to purchase school supplies or products for their children through a safe and secure environment. This means there will be no hassle with paper work or making sure their child has handed the money in, they will be able to do it all from one place. Whilst from a school’s point of view, they will be able to clearly see what orders they have come and who they are from. Schools will be able to sell uniform, text books and learning materials, stationery for specific subjects and whatever else they like.

Online Learning / Rewards Student Platforms

We can provide a dedicated area for students to learn online and be rewarded for achievements and hard work. This generation would have been brought up with technology, online learning is a great method to encourage them to learn more. This can be a place that they may start to check regularly and start to become a key part of your school’s website.

So, if you are looking for a new website with some of the latest feature then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the professionals from a school website design company like us. We are more than happy to run through our features with you and help you create a website that everyone will be using. Also, if you are looking for a re-design for your website, we will be able to help. We have recently won several awards for our work and OFSTED have praised us for some of websites.