Why should your school send notification to parents?

With more than 90% of adults going nowhere without their smart phone, school notifications will be a good way to keep parents updated about their child. It can help keep parents in the know on everything from small updates to urgent news.

This will help support the admin staff as one message can be sent to all parents if need be instead of contacting each parent individually. Plus, parents will benefit from being updated regularly and kept in the loop.

What type of notification can be sent?

Using a school app, schools can send out a notification to all parents, specific year groups or individual parents regarding their child.

  • Lateness and if your child hasn’t turned up for school
  • Parent evening
  • Late bus pick up and drop off
  • School trip reminders
  • Grade reports
  • School holidays (opening and closing times)
  • Urgent School closures (snow days)
  • Student disciplinary
  • Exam timetables
  • Anything else that you think is important for parents

This is a great method of keeping everyone connected and up to date without the worry about student forgetting to give their parent’s important letters; overall being less time consuming.

At Schools Cool, we are able to produce a school app that will help improve your school’s community. We also have some great new features for your school website. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help. You can get in touch through our contact form or you can call us. Alternatively, we can have a face to face meeting with you to discuss your requirements.