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Schools Cool Mobile Application

At Schools Cool we understand the importance of school mobile applications and the service they provide with helping schools communicate with parents and students effectively and efficiently. We’ve built an application allowing you to manage and communicate important information to your student’s parents whilst they are on the move.

School Mobile Apps allows both parties to easily interact which will enhance your school community. The popularity of the smartphone usage online is increasing, so the Schools Cool has ensured that messages reach the intended audience in timely and cost effective manner via a school app. 

What do we include in a mobile school app?

  • School Calendar
  • Online consent forms for events and clubs
  • Class registration. Helping to reduce truancy/report a students off sick.
  • Parents and students can report bullying in private and anonymously. 
  • Set up appointments between teachers and parents - one off appointments with a parent or parent evening appointments  
  • Request a holiday during term time / decision system.

Using our Schools Cool application your school will be able to communicate with your parents on the move and using push notifications to send alerts to parents when required to do so.

This is only the start. Future updates will provide the ability for you to make electronic payments for school lunches, school trips, track pupil progress, attendance records and much more.

How will your school benefit from a school app?

  • School apps provide a simple channel of communication between schools, parents & students ensuring that data can be provided and accessed effectively and efficiently
  • One centralised data set - making parents and teachers’ lives easier
  • Engaging parents in the school community
  • Utilising the latest technology platforms to help save school budgets
  • A secure and reliable platform for everybody involved

Get in touch today and let us make your school mobile app....look cool